Congratulations to our project team and, of course, our customer UNOPAN! The first MDF panel was successfully produced in Salas de los Infantes on 05.06.2008. The new plant of the Spanish INTERBON Group was assembled entirely by SGS, cabled and commissioned in conjunction with the plant suppliers, from the log in-feed right through to the packaging line.

The challenge for all the parties involved was not just the scale of the project (it was SGS's biggest project ever) - they also had to cope with the wide variety of the plants to be assembled, the range of professional qualifications required (from submerged arc welding through to laser axis measurements), dealing with foreign languages and Spanish culture and, last but not least, weather extremes from -20°C to +40°C. Our site supervisors Jens Reifert (mechanical engineering) and Johann Söberl (electrical engineering) andtheir construction teams had to draw on all their experience in industrial assembly and in particular the derived timber product industry in order to fulfil

both project management and customer requirements in what were often adverse conditions, a daunting task which they managed very successfully.

The fact that we also managed to execute an additional order for the delivery of 1,600 tonnes of hot dip galvanised steel speaks for itself. The steel constructions, up to 50m high and planned and calculated by the plant suppliers Dieffenbacher, Andritz, Intec and Trasmec, had to be drawn, manufactured and delivered to Spain. Owing to the scale of the project and the shortage of steel on the European market, this was no easy task, but our team nevertheless managed to complete the project successfully in conjunction with suppliers from Upper Austria and the Czech Republic. The aim of this project was to make our "one-stop shop" strategy a reality and we have succeeded in doing this. SGS supplied not only all the structural steelwork but also the necessar electrical equipment.

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