Russia - A market with countless investments and many attractions
SGS meets the challenges head on and extends its activities.

The branch in Samara was established primarily to provide local support for our project managers with regard to handling orders on site as well as local procurement. A local body of skilled staff is currently being built up locally and integrated into the organisation. One essential and very laborious administrative task is obtaining work permits and visas for our employees from outside Russia.


To be able to meet the requirements of our existing customers and potential new customers, the board of management decided to work the Russian market more intensively. Four major projects are currently underway in Russia. Extending the company's business activities also, of course, means that the company will grow as a result. The teams in the technical areas, business management and the legal department were therefore extended. In order to be able to offer our employees in Samara a good working environment, we invested time, money and effort to extend the premises. SGS Industrial Services RU OOO will start trading in the new office premises (270 m2) with effect from 1st July 2008. The hall for the tools storage area with repair workshop (200 m2) is located on the ground floor. There are storage areas for office, team and tool containers outside the building.

Current orders:

- SMZ / ALCOA, Samara:
Mechanical and electrical assembly, including process pipework, of an aluminium strip coating plant
- Gagarin Plywood Mill, Gagarin:
Mechanical and electrical assembly of a Dieffenbach chipboard plant Mechanical and electrical assembly of 3 Wemhöner short cycle laminating lines
- Modern Lumber Technology, Torzhok:
Mechanical and electrical assembly including supply of electrical and piping materials from the complete LVL production line
- Mayr-Melnhof Holz Efimovskij, Efimovskij:
Mechanical assembly of a sawmill

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