SGS supports the “Kumplgut” in Wels.

All proceeds from the cookie market in Wels benefited seriously ill children.

SGS supports “Kumplgut” in Wels.

There are many various teambuilding activities and as it is so often in life, good things need not be expensive, time-consuming or complicated. Although time was very much a factor, we would like to thank the company management very sincerely for giving us a full day to do some good together. But one thing at a time …

Baking for a good cause

The “Kumplgut”, an adventure farm in Wels for children who are seriously ill or who have cancer, has created a wonderful tradition. Every year it organises a cookie market!  Visitors can look forward to 29 different varieties of homemade cookies and a diversified, family-friendly programme. The proceeds of this market benefit the families of these children.

Handmade with lots of love

Dedicated volunteers from the business community bake the 29 cookie varieties daily from 19 October to 11 November within the framework of the "Kumplgut Kekserlchallenge (=Cookie Challenge)”. On October 28, SGS Industrial Services also put itself at the disposal of this good cause whereby 15 SGS employees exchanged computers and desk chairs for rolling pins and cookie cutters. For one fun-filled, exhaustive day, we worked with enthusiasm and muscle power, preparing the ingredients, kneading the dough, cutting out the cookies, tending to the oven, decorating and refining these delicacies, surrounded by the sweet scent of cookies. By the evening we had produced almost 41 kilograms of biscuits.

The cookie market was held on 16 November. More than 5000 visitors not only bought delicious cookies, but also supported seriously ill children and their families.

For those who would like more information on how to support “Kumplgut” in the future, please visit

Picture: The SGS team with Florian Aichhorn (head of Kumplgut) at the announcement of our baking accomplishment.