Kronospan Inc., U.S.A.


Since April of this year, SGS Industrial Services' team has been working at full steam in the heart of Pennsylvania, about two hours northeast of Pittsburgh.

The client, the North American groundbreaking company Clarion Boards Inc., a member of the Kronospan Group, is a pioneer in engineered wood materials and relies on SGS' international experience as an industrial service provider with a sustainable "Go West" strategy.

With state-of-the-art equipment Clarion Boards Inc. sets new standards in the manufacture of fiberboard, and not just in North America. For example, the company specializes in the manufacture of composite board products that are used as subflooring for such products as laminate flooring and wooden floors, as well as for high-quality furniture, cabinets, doors and molded parts. With an annual production capacity of approximately 140,000 square meters, Clarion Boards Inc. gives some impressive figures that also spur Project Manager Manuel Gadermayr’s team to top performance: “Basically, the American Way of Life is entirely in line with our job profile. In economic terms in particular, top performance is taken for granted. Since assembly started in mid-April, we have been working at full steam and with a team of up to 30 at peak times.” Construction Manager Christian Kasinger: “In total, we will install some six hundred tons of equipment, approx. 390 tons of steel structures and 4 km of piping. We are of course pleased that the feedback from the client is consistently positive. Even though the project is quite demanding. The tight schedule with completion scheduled for the end of October and assembly in the tightest of spaces demand top performance from my team. In any case, our incentive is the perfect implementation of our Go West 2.0 strategy to further expand our market presence on the American continent.”