A new particleboard plant is being constructed in North Carolina.

Egger is building its first plant in the USA and SGS is taking responsibility for all assembly activities.

A new particleboard plant is being constructed in North Carolina.

One of the reasons Egger chose us as its partner for the assembly of its first particleboard plant in Lexington, North Carolina was the fact that we are optimally positioned through our Atlanta subsidiary which enabled us to have already gained a great deal of experience in the USA. Assembly work started at the end of August and we can already say that this association is characterised by mutual esteem and great respect.
The contract, worth more than $20 million, covers the entire mechanical and semi-electrical installation.

The individual construction areas

Mechanical assembly encompasses the entire plant from wet chip preparation to silo discharge plus conveyor technology, two drum dryers, dry chip preparation including screening and sifting, Hurriclone system, gluing and glue mixing station. We are assembling a forming station, a forming line and a continuous press system, cooling and stacking, sanding line and high-bay racking with the basic dimensions of 140 x 24 m and a height of 33 m. In addition, we carry out all thermal oil piping work as well as the property extinguishment, we install the filters and pneumatic conveying systems for the entire plant, and the air supply units for the production hall.
As a total industrial service provider, we also undertake the electrical installation of the gluing, forming and press lines.

Major order

Up to 250 employees will be on the site for around 9 months. Experienced specialists from Europe paired with specialists from our Atlanta subsidiary, as well as locally recruited and field-tested personnel, guarantee an efficient and qualitative workflow. If all goes according to plan, the work should be completed by the end of April 2020.