For many years we have been accompanying our regular customers in the U.S. market.

Our direct SGS service and its special know-how in terms of assembly and installation work have made the SGS team an absolutely reliable project partner for American plant operators and machine manufacturers for many years. From mechanical and electrical installations to conversions, maintenance and repair work – our experts ensure safety, adherence to deadlines and reliability and, ultimately, the success of your project. 

However, it’s our 60 fitters, assembly and project managers on site who make the real difference – a powerful team of highly qualified employees who lay the foundation for our project partners to operate successfully. 

This is why we would like to give these men and women who impressively represent the values of SGS Industrial Services with their commitment, discipline and know-how the chance to speak in this latest newsletter.

Nadir Freire

“Hi, my name is Nadir Freire. With my bachelor’s degree in economic studies, I have been working in the field of industrial assembly for more than 20 years. This includes projects such as the redesign of a Brazilian metallurgy company or my work as a site administrative assistant. I have been working in the Administration and Financial Management Division at SGS’s North American branch since January 2017.”

Willi Reitstaetter

“Hi, my name is Willi Reitstaetter. After completing my mechanical engineering training, I worked around the world for more than three decades for a renowned Austrian company as a branch and project manager. After having worked in the plant engineering industry for more than 40 years, where I gained in-depth knowledge in many different disciplines, I joined SGS Industrial Services in 2007 as an operations manager at the Dubai/Abu Dhabi branch. Between 2010 and 2014, I worked on various projects in the Caribbean and South America, before joining VP Business Development at our subsidiary in Georgia/USA."

From the left: Willi Reitstaetter, Nadir Freire, Maria Maldonado, Maria Vasquez