SGS successfully completed the large project in Burgos

Pressenverlängerung Kronospan Burgos (Foto: SGS)


SGS was actually able to recieve the order for a large project in Spain. A modernization of the existing system and a press extension were performed for Kronospan at their plant in Burgos. The high quality of the work is also highlighted by the fact that all activities were completed on schedule to the fullest satisfaction of the purchaser and that no supplementary work was required. Chipboard presses are of high importance for the furniture industry. A press extension was required in the plant of Kronospan in Burgos to further increase the production capacities.

A total of 120 qualified employees of SGS were on site to perform the extension of the chipboard press. The Dieffenbacher press was extended by 34 frames and has now a total length of 51.5 meters. As part of the large order, the new installation of six star coolers, conveyor belts and de-stacking systems as well as the electrical installation of the entire system was provided.

Only a period of 1.5 months during a production shutdown were available for the completation of this complex project. It was possible to adhere to the specified schedule through day/night shifts due to the exceptional commitment of the SGS installation specialists, which were managed by the two construction managers Sven Voigt and Johann Söberl. The coordination with third-party companies such as civil construction and the heavy transport company, which was responsible for the movement of the forming line, re-presented a special challenge for the responsible project manager Christian Hatzmann.

As part of the large project, new equipment was also provided for the wood yard. Up to 35 SGS employees under the management of Achim Stahl provided the installation of several conveyor and push floor systems for this subproject.

Another important part for the modernization of the system in central Spain was the relocation of a WESP wet electrostatic precipitator from Solsona to Burgos. Wet electrostatic precipitators are of special importance in the wood material industry to separate the smallest dust particles and aerosols. 12 employees of SGS overhauled the filter system and upgraded the system with new components. The dry exhaust gas routing was also modified by a team of SGS, the existing cyclone separators were dismantled and all gas ducts were newly installed before and after the drying system.

„We were able to execute the order professionally on schedule. We are especially proud about the fact that the acceptance of the system was completed without remaining open items“, emphasizes SGS project manager Christian Hatzmann.

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