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  SGS moves entire wood shavings drying system

During a project in Belgium, machine components weighing up to 300 tons had to be moved four Kilometers. SGS Industrial Services’ specialists were responsible for electrical and mechanical assembly at Unilin in Oostrozebeke in Belgium.

The Belgian Flanders region has been the home of the Unilin Group since 1960. The first products produced were the flax chipboards. Today, the inventor of glue-free laying of laminate flooring, known as the Uniclic system, is a leading manufacturer of chipboard systems of all kinds. Mohawk Industries are the world's largest manufacturer of laminate and hardwood flooring. Currently, their original facility in Flanders is to be extended massively. An existing dryer plant had to be moved to Oostrozebeke, four kilometers from the existing location Wielsbeke. "The complete drying system consisting of drying and electrostatic precipirator had to be disassembled and reassembled at the new location," says SGS Industrial Project Manager Christian Hatzmann. To this date the large parts such as the 300-ton drying drum, the 90-ton electrostatic precipirator and the 55-ton fall combustor were already moved, engaging heavy haulage transport. The customer carried out the transports under the leadership of Unilin Project Manager Irvin Coussens. "We had to transport the entire steel structure and the ducts to Oostrozebeke on more than 60 truckloads." For this purpose, every disassembly stage was meticulously documented, to be able to be reassembled in their original position at the new location. "The assignments were carried out in December and January." The steel structure was completely disassembled and reassembled in Oostrozebeke. Electrical assembly was also part of SGS Industrial's contract. "We disassembled all switch cabinet and cables," says Harald Lang, Assistant to the Project Management at SGS. Approximately 30 kilometers of power and sensor cables were supplied additionally and installed by SGS. Electrical assembly should be completed by late April and the factory should go into production by then. Around 50 SGS Industrial Services employees worked on this project.

May 2017

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