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  Installations around the globe

SGS Industrial Services can look at an extensive list of references. The installations range from sawmills to drying plants for chipboard production to wood fibre insulation board plants.

SGS in the Holzkurier 31/2022

We were allowed to report about our extensive global projects in the Holzkurier. 

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Naturheld, a Ziegler Group company

SGS Industrial Services is particularly proud to have taken charge of the assembly of the new wood fibre insulation board plant of Naturheld, a Ziegler Group company. The project started in February this year, and the first board is due to roll off the production line as early as August. In this project, SGS was responsible for the mechanical and electrical assembly of all components from wood chips to the smallest wood fibres, right up to the finished ecological insulation board. The components for defibration (silo discharge, bucket elevators, conveying equipment up to the refiner) come from Andritz.

Dieffenbacher supplies the equipment for transferring the wood fibres to the dryer, the Evojet gluing system and the press.

In addition to the assembly, SGS has taken charge of the entire piping and insulation of these areas, with pipe prefabrication directly on the construction site. The SGS team was on site with up to 120 employees, 70 from the mechanical side and 50 from the electrical side, to assemble the plant at Naturheld.

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Schwaiger timber industry in Hengersberg

The sawmill of Schwaiger Holzindustrie in Hengersberg is located a good two hours' drive south of the Naturheld site in Grafenwöhr. In Hengersberg, SGS managed the mechanical assembly of the log yard supplied by Holtec. For this purpose, the old long log yard was dismantled, modified and integrated into the new log yard. SGS also dismantled the old short log yard. "Essentially, this project comprised two phases. One was the erection and assembly of the new plant, the other was the relocation of the longwood yard to the new plant," explains Jürgen Mesz, Sales Manager and Project Manager at SGS Industrial Services Germany. The project took about a year to complete deploying, on average, 15 SGS fitters.

Schwaiger Hengersberg | SGS Industrial Services

Project in South Africa successfully completed

SGS Industrial Services is not only active in Europe, but also has references in South Africa. PG Bison, by its own account, is one of the largest manufacturers of wood-based materials in Africa. SGS installed a drying plant for particleboard production in just under 40,000 assembly hours from May to October 2021. The SGS team was responsible for the installation of the material feed, an energy system, a drum dryer and two cyclone batteries. SGS provided all installation aids, such as cranes, forklifts and platforms. The plant came from Büttner, PG Bison commissioned SGS directly. "One challenge was the heavy subassembly for the dryer drum. This was welded by us on the construction site using the submerged-arc method. It was important to install the plant on schedule, as PGB had planned a total plant shutdown of the particleboard line for the integration of the drying plant," recalls Christian Hatzmann, Head of Projects Mechanical.

After completion of the dryer system, SGS was able to support its integration into the overall system. "We were able to complete the project successfully in every respect," Hatzmann was pleased to say.  

PG Bison | SGS Industrial Services
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Christian Gittmaier | SGS Industrial Services
Christian Gittmaier
SGS Industrial Services GmbH
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Around the globe: an insight into our projects.

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