SGS promotes safety

SGS is SCCP certified.

Since this year, SGS has also met the specific requirements of the petrochemical industries and refineries.

Effective occupational safety, health protection and environmental protection are of great significance. The SGS has been committed to occupational safety for years. Accordingly, the SGS has extended the SCC certificate to the SCCP certificate. SCCP stands for Safety Certificate Contractor Petrochemicals. SGS safety management now also meets the additional specific requirements of the petrochemical industry and refineries. The occupational health and safety system of SGS Industrial Services and SGS Welding Services was considered for the audit of the certificate.

The Standard Safety Certificate Contractor Petrochemical (SCCP) is an internationally accepted management system. "A certification according to SCCP provides evidence and thus the confidence demanded by the market in our technical services and in SGS itself," says Managing Director Andreas Hofinger. "We reduce the risk of accidents and health hazards to our employees by specifically trainings and improving safety awareness."