Experienced SGS Industrial Services personnel  perform mechanical and electrical installations of new or used machines and complete production  lines, all with highest competence, work quality and safety. Complete and partial plant relocations are  planned and realized by SGS worldwide.



Our Assembly Competences

Machinery & Metal Ware Industry

Clients value SGS’s reliable realization of projects with highest quality and safety standards

Renowned machine manufacturers and plant operators benefit from SGS and its fast, global and safe industrial  services. Works are performed on new or used  machines and entire production lines. SGS provides industrial surveying, the erection of steel constructions and halls as well as mechanical and electrical installation of machines and complete production lines. Worldwide relocations are also a core service competence of SGS.

SPEcIFIC AREAs of Application:

  • Mechanical Production Machines
  • Machine Tools
  • Production Lines
  • Partial & Complete Relocations of Machines and Plants

Automotive Industry

Mechanical and electrical installation of production lines

Renown suppliers, automobile and other commercial vehicle manufacturers trust the exceptional commissioning support provided by SGS. Highest quality in installation, work safety and adherence to schedules in the project realization contribute to the longtime  success of SGS’s projects.


  • Production Lines
  • Supply & Assembly Lines
  • Floor & Overhead Conveyor Systems
  • Automation
  • Steel Structure

Printing Press & Textile Machinery Industry

Installation of new machinery and used machines,  providing supervisors and service personnel, complete development of projects implementation – SGS offers individual solutions for the competitive advantage of its clients. Experienced SGS employees work diligently and on schedule to the highest requirements of clients in the printing press and textile machinery industry, making SGS a worldwide reliable and sought-after partner.


  • Offset Printing & Labeling Machines
  • Looms
  • Spinning & Embroidery Machines

Packaging, Beverage & Food Industry

Mechanical and electrical installations by SGS are performed under highest hygiene and safety standards, catering to the specific needs of clients in the beverage and packaging industry worldwide.


  • Raw Material Preparation & Storage
  • Production lines & Conveyor Technology
  • Filling & Packaging lines

Plastics Technology & Die Casting Machines

SGS provides worldwide mounting and maintenance service - Dependable and confident

Renown and worldwide leading machinery manu- facturers count on SGS as a reliable partner for their service and installation departments. Worldwide instal-lation and maintenance services for machinery and equipment are performed with the same expertise as complete  relocations of production lines.


  • Processing of Raw Materials & Recycling Machines
  • Plastics Injection Moulding Machines
  • Die Casting Machines
  • Post Processing Machines

Special Purpose Machines, Heavy Equipment, Steel & Tank Construction

Numerous customers recommend SGS as “THE” strong partner of their choice in the industry

SGS is certified with respect to quality, work safety and welding technology (steelwork and printing press line), in industrial services - the ideal project partner for demanding mechanical and electrical installation, dismantling works, refurbishing and relocation of  special machines, containers and other devices. SGS offers an international network and realizes projects in a straightforward and efficient manner worldwide.


  • Steelworks, Piping Works & Welding Services
  • Tanks & Special Purpose Machines
  • Heavy Steel Equipment