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  Major project: Mechanical installation of kiln line 8 at Märker Zement

Harburg (Schwaben), Germany DE
2,100 tonnes of steel structures, 2,800 tonnes of equipment - this key data impressively describes the scope of the project in Harburg (Schwaben, Germany). At Märker Zement, we have taken on the entire mechanical assembly of a complete kiln line 8. The new kiln system is being built parallel to the existing production line and will replace the existing kiln which is now 50 years old. Completion is planned for spring 2022.
Months of construction time
Tonnes of mechanical equipment
Tonnes of steel structure

The individual construction sites

The mechanical assembly of the complete kiln line comprises 2,100 tonnes of steel structures and 2,800 tonnes of equipment. This includes the complete cyclone heat exchanger tower with a height of 110 metres, the rotary kiln, the clinker cooler with dust rextraction, and the ancillary installations.

Great heights - heavy loads

Heights of up to 110 m and heavy lifts challenged our experienced SGS team. To minimise the welding effort on site, individual furnace segments were pre-welded and delivered directly to the construction site using heavy transport vehicles. Individual sections measured up to 36 m in length and weighed up to 190 tonnes. The individual segments were lifted and positioned using cranes which required safe and precise work combined with good coordination.

Pioneering waste gas purification technology - New cement kiln

In addition to securing the Harburg (Schwaben) site, the main aim of the new kiln plant is to improve environmental and climate protection. The new kiln 8 has a significantly lower fuel energy requirement while maintaining the same production volume. Fuel-related CO2 emissions will be reduced by about a quarter, approximately 60,000 tonnes. This is roughly equivalent to the annual oil heating emissions of 15,000 private households.

Project data

Märker Zement GmbH
Construction location
Harburg (Schwaben), Germany
Contruction period
14 months, February 2021 – March 2022
110m high cyclone heat exchanger tower, heavy lifts weighing up to 190 tonnes
Scope of delivery & service
Mechanical assembly of the new kiln line 8

About our customer, IKN GmbH

IKN GmbH has its headquarters in Neustadt, Germany and employs around 170 people. The roots and strengths of the company lie within the cement industry in the field of clinker cooling.

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