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  SGS major project: Mechanical assembly of the most modern sawmill in Europe

Wood & Sawmill industry
Wilburgstetten, Germany DE
On behalf of Rettenmeier in Wilburgstetten, we took charge of the mechanical assembly of one of the most modern large-scale sawmills in Europe. Rettenmeier is expanding its existing plant in Wilburgstetten, Bavaria, with this new sawmill. Our references include almost all the well-known, large-scale wood processing companies in Germany and Rettenmeier has enabled us to cover another white spot on our map. For such a large and complex project as in Wilburgstetten, up to 90 SGS employees provided safe, professional and on-time assembly.

The individual construction areas

Our SGS team assembled the Linck sawmill infeed and sawing line in Wilburgstetten, Germany, the assessment of the 3 lines, the inclined multi-level sorter for the side cuts as well as the two single-board flat tray sorters for main cuts and re-sorting, stacking and packaging for main cuts and side cuts as well as re-sorting. The fully automatic batten handling system, the external infeed and the package handling system complete the scope of services.

The most modern sawmill

The new sawmill produces climate-friendly wood products of the highest standards, thereby combining resource efficiency with innovation and progress. The 62-hectare sawmill with a processing capacity of up to 1.3 million cubic metres produces wood products for timber construction and the DIY sector.

Project data

Wood & Sawmill industry
Construction location
Wilburgstetten, Germany
Contruction period
14 months, August 2020 – September 2021
Scope of delivery & service
Mechanical assembly of a complete sawmill.
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Weltweit Projekte termingerecht
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