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  Assembly and delivery of a sintered exhaust gas purification system for Siemens VAI Linz

Environmental technology
Construction management & supervision, Mechanical assembly, Pipline assembly, Project Management
Linz, Austria AT
A showcase project "on our doorstep", the world's first sinter exhaust gas purification plant (Meros 5) developed by Primetals Technologies. The new Meros 5 plant is located at VOEST Alpine Stahl in Linz. As a first, it utilises a purification process employing a reactor and a bag filter. After successful assembly of the pilot plant, Primetals Technologies decided to work with SGS Industrial Services once again. We were not only awarded the contract for the assembly, but were also commissioned with the delivery of filter housings, steel structures, silos and pipelines and ducts. The total tonnage to be assembled was just under 2,000. We were already actively involved in the planning phase and this resulted in optimisations and savings on both sides.
Months of construction time
Total tonnage

The indidvidual construction areas

Our service included the supply and assembly of 230 tonnes of filter housings, 805 tonnes of steel construction, 89 tonnes of silos, 140 tonne entrained flow reactor, 280 tonnes of piping and ducts. In addition, approx. 360 tonnes of technological equipment (LU SVAI) were assembled. The supply and installation of approx. 8,500 m² of insulation and 4,500 m² of cladding were also included in the SGS scope of supply.

Our challenge

Our SGS team not only assembled the entire plant, but also took charge of the entire delivery (except for technological equipment), insulation and cladding. The logistical handling was a special challenge and was solved as follows: Pipes with a diameter of up to 4 metres were delivered by ship. Pipes with a diameter of 6 metres were pre-assembled in a workshop and then transported to the Voest plant site. Our SGS team pre-assembled parts of the reactor (weighing up to 68 tonnes) on the ground and lifted them 45 metres using a 500-tonne truck-mounted crane. Our biggest challenge was integrationg the new exhaust gas purification system into the existing building. 120 hours were planned for the implementation and in this time, our SGS team dismantled approx. 120 tonnes of ducts (4x4 m) in a very confined space and installed new pipe sections (Ø 4 m). Completion fell short of the specified time and the plant was put into operation on schedule.

Project data

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (SVAI)
Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (SVAI)
Environmental technology
Construction location
Linz, Austria
Contruction period
11 months, October 2006 - August 2007
Scope of delivery & service
Assembly and delivery of a sintered exhaust gas purification system.

About our customer Primetals Technologies Austria

Primetals Technologies Austria is one of the world's leading companies in the fields of engineering, plant construction and lifecycle services for the metal industry, employing around 7,000 people worldwide. Primetals Technologies is comprised of the predecessor companies Siemens VAI and Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery.

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