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  SGS assembles stainless steel converter incl. dedusting plant in Belgium

Construction management & supervision, Mechanical assembly, Project Management
Genk, Belgium BE
In porgress
Constrained space and time pressure, however SGS Industrial Services accepted the challenges of assembling a stainless steel converter incl. dedusting plant in Belgium.
employees were deployed
months of construction time
tonnes of steel construction
tonnes of mechanical equipment

Our scope of work

The SGS team was responsible for upgrading the stainless steel converter AOD#1 including the dedusting system. The upgrade consisted of replacing the trunion ring, including the tipping station, and all modernisation work and it was completed during a shutdown of several weeks at the end of February 2023.


New installation of stainless steel converter AOD#2 incl. dedusting system.

A new plant was installed directly next to the stainless steel converter AOD#1. In addition, a new filter system for fume extraction was installed in November 2022.

Visualisation of the scope of work for Primetals Technologies in Belgium.
  The challenge in this project was the limited space available, as the new line AOD#2 was installed in an existing plant.
Christian Hatzmann | SGS Industrial Services
Christian Hatzmann
Head of Projects Mechanical, SGS Industrial Services

Challenges are there to be met.

In addition to the limited space available, there was a second component, time. The mechanical assembly of the plant must be completed within a six-week shutdown starting in June 2023.


The SGS team will install around 5,000 tonnes of plant components and steelwork as part of the upgrade and new construction.

Kick-off meeting at the SGS Headquarters Dorf an der Pram.

Milestone reached: 14 tons assembled with millimeter precision by the #SGSteam in Belgium

A team of around 15 employees reached a milestone in the project in June 2023.

After four days of pre-assembly, the #SGSteam assembled the 14-ton section of the boiler piping in just 5 hours at the future location.


Some TIG weld seams in pre-assembly required around 12 hours of manpower.

After measuring and transport preparation by our team, the piece of pipe with a wall thickness of 20mm and 100% stress-free construction was assembled at a height of 60 meters using a 550 ton crane.

Project data

Primetals Technologies Austria als Konsortium Partner
Aperam Stainless Belgium
Construction location
Genk, Belgium
Contruction period
13 Months
Constrained space as well as time pressure.
Scope of delivery & service
Installation of a stainless steel converter incl. dedusting system.

About our customer Primetals Technologies Austria

Primetals Technologies Austria is one of the world's leading companies in the field of engineering, plant construction and lifecycle services for the metal industry. The company employs around 7,000 people worldwide. Primetals Technologies is composed of the predecessor companies Siemens VAI and Mitsubishi-Hitachi Metals Machinery. SGS is managing the contract with Primetals as a consortium partner.

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