A growing number of customers influential to the metal industry trust SGS for the implementation of comprehensive retrofitting projects that uphold the world’s highest standards. SGS is the right partner for companies producing, alloying and processing steel or nonferrous metals. Mechanical and electrical installations, steel-work and piping are completed to the industry’s highest standards.



Our Installation Competences

Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) & Ladle Furnaces (LF)

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies / Electric arc furnace (EAF)

Continuous training of our personnel and close cooperation with our customers guarantee an effective sequence of the installation process in compliance with international quality and safety standards.


  • Electric arc furnaces (EAF)
  • Ladle furnaces (LF)
  • Vacuum degassing (VD) plants
  • Electroslag re-melting (ESR) plants
  • Dedusting technology & filters
  • Heat exchangers & cooling systems
  • Power transformers
  • High-voltage switchgear

Continuous Casting Machines (CCM)

SMS Concast / Continuous casting machine (CCM) / Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Renowned manufacturers and operating companies using continuous casting machines rely on SGS for the installation of their machines and complete production systems. They also expect the highest quality and safety standards, the minimized risk of project failure, and the associated overall cost advantage.


  • Continuous casting plants, ladle turret, oscilation and mould, strand guiding systems, transport withdrawl and straightening units, transport facilities and cooling beds
  • Primary & secondary cooling
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic & lubrication systems

Hot-Rolling Mills

New installation, repair & conversion work as well as commissioning of wire steel rolling mills

Worldwide successful project references make SGS the valuable installation specialist for production plants and factories of both long and flat products in the hot-rolling mill area.


  • Wire & rebar rolling mills
  • Beam-rolling mills, hot strip mills & section steel rolling mills
  • Pipe mills
  • Walking beam furnace
  • Finishing lines
  • Interconnecting piping

Cold-Rolling Mills, Coil Treatment & Annealing Plants

Certified according to ISO 9001 and SCC**, SGS fulfills highest standards of installation quality and safety at work

With well-trained personnel and the use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we guarantee compliance with the specified tolerances at rolling mills.


  • Cold-rolling mills
  • Slitting lines & cut-to-length lines
  • Heat treatment facilities & picking lines
  • Coil hot-dip galvanizing lines
  • Continuous coating lines

Forming & Deep-Drawing Press Systems

Installation of press systems & thermoforming plants

Regardless of the type of application, technology, or tonnage, SGS installs partial systems or complete presslines. The services include new erection, conversion, repair, maintenance, and even relocations of complete plants.


  • Universal, straightening, calibrating & forming presses
  • Open die forging plants
  • Deep-drawing press systems

Environmental Technology & Exhaust Plant Systems

Voestalpine Linz / VAI / Sinter gas & flue gas desulphurisation plant / Linz (Austria)

SGS is the leading partner for installation, conversion and maintenance of environmental technology and exhaust plant systems.

SPEcIFIC Fields Of Application:

  • Dedusting plants including filter systems
  • Water treatment plants for steel & rolling mills
  • Interconnecting piping
  • Repair & conversion work