Baking for a good cause - SGS @ Kumplgut

On 28.10.2019 we had the opportunity to support the Kumplgut - Erlebnishof for cancer and seriously ill children in Wels - with their biscuitchallenge to the traditional biscuit market. We are happy to announce that at the end of the day filled with fun, eagerness and biscuit scent ...

...40,9 kilograms of biscuits could contribute to the challenge.

Traditionally, the Kumplgut organizes a biscuit market - this year it will take place on the 16th of November from 2 pm - with more than 29 (!) homemade sweets. We, the SGS employees, this year hat the opportunity to support this great action with manpower. From 09:00 to 17:00, doughs were kneades, ingredients prepared, biscuits cout out, the oven cared for and the treats decorated and refined. With a lot of fun, zeal and muscle power, a total of 40,9 kilgrams of "Linzer Augen" and "Spritzgebäck" were produced.

We are glad to be able to support this great action and wish the Kumplgut a lot of energy for the further baking days as well as good luck for the market!

All information about the Kumplgut: